Invoking Energies for Health and Wellbeing – Zoom Online Workshop with Diana Cooper and Tim Whild

Workshop Recording

About this recording

We are entering a period of intense change on our planet and currently the focus of this change is our health and ability to rise above fear.

We are now being called to master our divine selves.  Using our innate powers and the higher energies that are available to us we can protect, nurture and heal ourselves.

This workshop recording is a one-hour intensive session with Diana and Tim to heal ourselves by invoking and integrating some of the most powerful vibrations that we have seen since the era of Golden Era of Atlantis. The angelic realms will be working with us and we will also use crystals, intention and positive manifestation for ourselves and our planet.

We are all experiencing turbulent and uncertain circumstances and we will be rising above these with mastery and Grace.

During this Recording event you will –

  • Invoke the energies of the Higher Mahatma specifically focussed on boosting your immune system, rejuvenating and healing you at every level.
  • Petition the Intergalactic Council and the Board of Karma to ensure we all learn the lessons currently offered by the Corona virus and move through it with grace to a higher level.
  • Bring a vast increase in the number of angels attending our planet especially those of Archangels Raphael for healing, Fhelyay to help us help the animals, Purlimiek to spread the healing power of nature and Jophiel so that we act with wisdom.

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