January Healing and Integration – Zoom Online Group Session with Tim Whild

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Its time to begin the New Year (and Decade) with a fresh blast of energy and some deep grounding to integrate the higher frequencies!

January often starts with either a bang or a feeling akin to being mopped up. Our 2019 was incredibly fast moving and we saw different shifts, changes and alterations happening as fast as we could (sometimes) keep up with them. This coming year holds the certainty of much more but at a higher frequency still!

As Lightworkers, the best way to navigate this is to keep our vibration as ‘on point’ as possible so that we are free to use our gifts and talents to their optimum potential.

During this powerful group session, you will –

  • Receive an up to date energy report and also get an idea of what we can expect over the next few months
  • Deeply ground and set your energy to the highest frequency available
  • Connect to the new Unicorn energy that has been flowing in since the 1st!
  • Learn how to navigate potentially tricky energy situations and use them to the advantage of yourself and everyone around you
  • Examine the astrological shift that is occurring on the 11th
  • As a group, using crystals, we are going to clear and negate as much negativity from Australia as possible. This will also involve calling in rain and a possible karmic dispensation for the country (all countries have national/collective karma that is now being cleared en-mass).

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