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We spend an incredible amount of time on our personal vibration once we step onto the ascension pathway. Everything that we do contributes to our light quotient…the air we breathe, the food that we eat, the words we speak, but most importantly the application of our focus.

One of the biggest tests of our time/transition is to master Earth…to become Walking Masters of Light which means to embody self-mastery in all applications of the spiritual pathway. This is easier said than done when our entire environment seems set upon lowering our frequency.

How do we prevent this vibration drop from happening and what is the best way to handle challenging situations?

This ‘power-hour’ workshop is dedicated to looking at the difference between ‘light quotient’ and ‘vibration’ and discovering the easiest ways to stay elevated above the trappings of the 3D Matrix.

Tim will be joined on the night by Ascended Masters who have had copious experience with life on our planet and will be assisting YOU to retain your shine!

During this recording you will –

  • Receive an up-to-date energy report from Tim as we navigate the period between the Solstice and Lions Gate.
  • Meet the Ascended Masters who have worked on Earth and transcended the difficult tests that they were presented with.
  • Discover tips, tricks, and techniques to stay elevated above the denser energies when they are not avoidable.
  • Participate in service work to assist with planetary alchemy…this will be necessary due to the intensive light coming in and we will be guided on the night.

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