Lemurian Homecoming – Remember the Gifts of the Motherland

11:00 - 12:00 BST (GMT +1)

About this event

Lemuria is Calling…

Embark on a journey to Lemuria, the mystical Motherland, and experience an elevation of your consciousness. Immerse yourself in a FREE online meditation inspired by the wisdom of the Lemurian elders, the guardians of purest crystalline ascension frequencies of light.

These frequencies have been aiding humanity in its progression towards a harmonious Golden Age. Join spiritual teachers, Tim Whild, Katie-Jane Wright, Sophia Shanti, Mia Kafkios, Aodaoin Hathaway, and Doni Amoris as they co-create an experience of direct transmission, sharing with you five illuminating Lemurian frequencies from Source to you.

This unique meditation event is a culmination of extensive work with the Lemurian consciousness, journeys through the Golden Gates of Telos, alignments with the Great Central Sun, interactions with the spirit of Mt. Shasta and speical Lemurian seed crystals. The goal is to offer you the transformative blessings of Lemuria in a form that can be practically implemented into your daily life.

By participating in this FREE recorded event, you will:

  • Receive direct transmission of the five frequencies of Lemuria, connecting you with multiple timelines and offering clear guidance and positive energy

  • Activate a potential pathway to a life of greater joy and peace

  • Experience an intimate connection with the Divine Union, Light, Mother Dragon, Mermaid, and Mother Crystal frequencies, unlocking facets of your spiritual being

  • Get the opportunity to integrate these Lemurian frequencies into your life through the use of wearable ascension chambers, which help to construct your 5D body and accelerate your divine self-remembrance

  • Step into your fullest soul potential, living life in a higher vibration of love and oneness

  • Be the first to have an exclusive view and access to the Lemuria Collection of energy scarves

How to Watch?

Register to reserve your free spot and get access to the recorded event. Event recording will be emailed to you on the Full Moon of September 29, 2023 (11:00 BST, GMT +1). The recording will be available until October 10, the 10/10 Portal, to maximize the energy of the teachings and codes offered.

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