Life in 5D and The Law of One – Zoom Ascension Workshop with Tim Whild

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During a powerful Lunar event in September 2015 our planet shifted into an even higher frequency, and we agreed (on a Soul level) to live by the Law of One.

Many of us are familiar with the Law of One as there are many versions and interpretations available but what exactly is the Law of One and how does it affect us?

During this Zoom workshop we are going to be looking closely at each of the individual pillars (Laws) and what life at a higher frequency offers. It is time to fully investigate how different things are likely to be in the future!

The Atlanteans lived by the Law of One right up until the fall, whereupon we began our journey through the third dimension for ten-thousand years.

Life in 5D is going to bring a lot of changes to our world, and right now those changes are beginning to show themselves even in the densest of places.

The brighter we are the faster we shift! As Above So Below – As Within So Without.

During this workshop you will –

  • Learn about the history of the Law of One and why it was created
  • Look closely at the Seven Pillars and meet the Ascended Masters that have taken responsibility for their application
  • Apply each of the Pillars to an aspect of our world that needs assistance
  • Learn how to master the Law of One so that we may serve at the highest level whilst living in personal harmony
  • Divine Alchemy! We will work with the energy of the day to clear and balance anything that is needed as a group (or individually)
  • Angels, Dragons, Ascended Masters….they will all be joining us for this event!

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