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The final part of 2023 has seen us receiving colossal light inflows and integrations that we have never seen and experienced before. This is creating multiple responses and reactions within the human physical which require us to ‘take action’ and adjust what we do (and how we do it).

This powerful workshop will be dedicated to using effective techniques that have been created by the souls of the Higher Realms to assist us. Many of these methods have been used previously during the incarnations of Masters and Galactics as they themselves navigated their own ascension process. They are simple, easy to understand, but require dedication, daily focus, and application to use successfully.

Tim will be guiding the entire process with the assistance of some very special guests!

At the end of this event you will have a greater understanding of Light Integration and techniques to help you navigate whatever is coming next.

During this online workshop you will –

  • Receive an in-depth report and analysis of the current energies and exactly what has been occurring during the months since the Lions Gate.
  • Find out what has happened to our Lightbodies and the connection to our Monads.
  • Receive Light Integration Techniques from the Higher Galactics and the Intergalactic Council to assist with your current integrations.
  • Balance, ground, and expand your Light Field in a comfortable way in preparation for the upcoming December Solstice.
  • Connect with the Director of the Ascension Process, Archangel Metatron, to discover the true potential of the current ascension expansion on Earth.
  • Service work – this will be the laying of the foundations for us all as we step through yet another powerful Solstice Gateway.

This workshop will be performed LIVE via YouTube. A link to a recording will be sent out to all participants the following day. The recorded version is just as powerful as the live event so don’t worry if you can’t attend live!

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