Living in the Fourth Dimension Zoom Workshop with Birkan Tore and Tim Whild

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From the date of the 21st December 2012 our planet began to enter the most accelerated Cosmic shift that has ever been seen in our Universe. Under agreement Planet Earth (and everyone living here) embarked on a mission to alter our dimensional vibration from 3D to 5D in under 18 years.

If you are reading this then it is highly likely that you are part of the team assisting with this shift!

Living in the third dimension was extremely challenging and left many high frequency souls battle scarred and struggling to adapt to the new energies, rules and circumstances that we are now adopting. With every passing day the frequency of Earth rises and presents new opportunities to lose the old baggage and shine even brighter.

Tim Whild and Birkan Tore are highly skilled energy workers with many lifetimes of experience dating back to Atlantis. During this Zoom workshop they will clarify the basic requirements for moving through your ascension process with Grace and ease and will teach directly from a template of personal experience.

We are currently in the window of the 4th Dimension and will be here until 2032. Here’s how we are going to do it…

  • The basics of the Great Shift. What happened, why and where is it all going
  • You and your energy. You are not the person that you remember yourself to be…why are you now different?
  • Managing your energy. Many of you will have learned certain methods of energy management in the 3rd dimension such as grounding, healing and protection. These are different now and we will assist you to flow with these changes
  • Managing your personal space. Learn how to create energetic charging stations or alters
  • Taking care of yourself! As Lightworkers, leaders and teachers we are here to move an entire planet into the 5th dimension. Who looks us when we need some TLC?
  • Avoiding the distractions. As with anything there are many pitfalls, dead ends and challenges to the spiritual pathway. Learn how to avoid them or manage them with ease.
  • Becoming your Higher Self. In 3D we were taught that we were limited, powerless and insignificant. We aren’t. Learn how to connect to and become your Higher Self!

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