Lymington Lightworker Empowerment Weekend

10:00 - 16:00 GMT
Elmers Court, Lymington, SO41 5ZB

About this event

Day One – Tim Whild – Who You Truly Are!

Most souls on their ascension pathway request guidance for their roles – Who am I? What is my divine purpose? Am I in the right place or should I be elsewhere?

These legitimate questions often lead to confusion and on the first day of the weekend Tim will be guiding and leading powerful activations that will clear this confusion away.

During this event Tim will be also looking closely at who we truly are and why we chose to come to Earth. Many of us arrive as ‘Starborn’ from the Higher Reams and our ability to navigate the ascension energies is unprecedented. The struggle begins when we realise that we are human and that we occupy a physical body with little or no memory of our origins.

Energy work and our connection the previous Golden Eras (particularly Lemuria and Atlantis) is sometimes a burden and always a miracle. Tim will dive deeply into clearing all distorted and defunct timelines that no longer serve you. This will be powerful work requiring access to the Higher Halls of Amenti and you will be prepared energetically in the months leading up to the workshop.

This day will be light-hearted, empowering, healing, and a perfect environment for raising your Light to the highest that it has ever been!

Day Two – Alice Heath and Tim Whild – The Starseed’s Guide to Life on Earth.

For Day Two Tim will be joined by Alice Heath to bring in a practical, grounded, and balancing approach to fully connecting to your empowered Star Origins.

Alice has an incredible knowledge and profound connection to the Star Beings who are lovingly assisting with our ascension process. During this event she will weave her Light and pool her wisdom to bring through powerful Star-Soul Attunements and Celestial DNA Keycode Activations which will connect you to Heaven and Earth simultaneously! Our Star Friends are always willing and ready to offer their thoughts to assist the Ascension process, so there will be ample opportunity to ask questions and receive directly channelled responses!

This day will be a real treat for those who are interested in their Cosmic origins or are aware of the sacred and ever-expanding relationship the Stars have with us on Earth. The depth of connection we have with Our Star Friends is rapidly expanding, there is much more they wish to offer to those ready to channel them, and they are excited to show you new ways we can collaborate with these bright Beings for the Highest Divine Good!

Alice and Tim are thrilled to be combining their ascension knowledge to bring the most powerful information through for everyone attending.