Manifesting Your Perfect Life in Changing Times with Diana Cooper and Tim Whild

Workshop Recording

About this recording

As Lightworkers we are now witnessing the most incredible transition on our planet from a third-dimensional frequency to a new, higher way of existing. This move has been meticulously planned and prepared by the Intergalactic Council and Archangel Metatron and we knew that the changes were coming.

Diana and Tim are presenting this online workshop recording to assist you to create the perfect outcome in all aspects of your life, despite the current challenges that you may be facing. These challenges can be mental, emotional, physical, spiritual or a combination of the four! Everything that has been hidden previously has been brought to the surface in a very short space of time to be released and the Masters, Angels, Dragons, Unicorns and many others have been helping us to achieve this.

The result of this sudden shift in consciousness and frequency and now created a new reality. Tim and Diana will explain what this new reality is and how it is interacting with our old one, and how we stay in our highest light most effectively!

This is a powerful recording for souls who have chosen the path of their Higher Selves.

During this recording you will –

  • Learn about the ‘separation’ of 3D and 5D
  • Raise your frequency with a powerful meditation that will align you with your Monadic Blueprint
  • Clear away old cords and attachments to the previous world so that you are aligned with light at all times
  • Send powerful love and healing to those around our planet as they wake up and join us
  • Bring your favourite crystal! Everything is better with crystals 😁

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