Mid-August Healing and 15 Chakra Activation with Tim Whild and David Essery – Zoom Online Workshop

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About this recording

This workshop was held ‘post Lions-gate’ and is an opportunity to reflect, heal and integrate the phenomenal quantities of Light that have come through the Sirius/Galactic Portal.

Although the Lions Gate is officially on the 8th of August the energies build up and then start to wind down as the Sun moves towards Virgo. We will also be looking at the final year of the Storm Layer and what this potentially holds in store.

Over the course of this year, we have totally committed ourselves to the most intensive ascension pathway. Many of us were feeling tired and burdened before this year got fully underway and regardless of our geographical location, we have had very little down time. 

In this recording, we will be dedicating a gentle and very healing hour to ourselves with the divine assistance of the Teams of Light who are always making themselves readily available. 

As part of this, we will perform a deep chakra cleanse and activation of the 3 additional Chakras that have been added to the Fifth Dimensional Chakra column during this period of incredible energy.

On the night we will travel to the Temple of Healing and the Temple of Sound to undertake whatever realignments are recommended and available to us as a group. The most important part about this is that…we deserve it! 

During this recording you will – 

  • Receive the latest ascension update and find out where we are heading in the coming months
  • Learn the best techniques for overcoming ‘light fatigue’ and all the other physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stuff that we encounter! 
  • Connect to the Atlantean Temples of Sound and Healing to align with the light that you have received during the Lions Gate
  • Fully activate your 15 5D Chakras
  • Connect to Quan Yin to receive a Dragon Blessing from her Pink Dragon of Love

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