Mid-August Healing Session – Zoom Workshop with Tim Whild

Workshop Recording

About this recording

August is a pivotal month for us on the spiritual calendar as the Lions Gate opens with its incredible energy and structural changes. Many of us are deeply affected by this intensity and by the time the Gate closes we can often feel like we have been caught in a whirlwind, more so than ever this year!

This hour-long Zoom recording is dedicated solely to balancing us together as a group and regenerating us for the next phase which will be implementing rapidly as we head towards the Autumn months.

As Lightworkers on the ascension pathway many of us will be aware of our roles and responsibilities now. We often spend our days alternating between ‘perfect Zen’ and ‘righteous warriors’ as our world changes… with us leading the new energies into fruition.

During this workshop recording you will –

  • Anchor, integrate and ‘close’ the final energies coming through from the Lions Gate Portal.
  • Bring yourself into a state of harmonious alignment with everything that is being presented to us.
  • Learn about the next wave of Light coming through and what to do with it.
  • Ground and close in a manner that will leave you fully fifth-dimensional and glowing.

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