Nordic Winter Ascension Workshop with Tim Whild and Lovisa Alvtörn

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Welcome to a unique winter ascension workshop in Helsinki, Finland, with Tim Whild and Lovisa Alvtörn! Join them for a transformational weekend of love, healing and support for your ascension pathway with lots of magic and Nordic Light …

Tim and Lovisa will be presenting both together in their unique style of cocreational flow as well as individually – bringing you an equal balance of divine feminine and divine masculine energy throughout the weekend.

The whole event will be infused with the Nordic winter energies, with Archangel Gabriel, Archeia Purity and the Nordic Masters of Light overlighting all the work that we do.

You will receive a lot of practical ascension support – as always with Tim’s and Lovisa’s work. This includes them sharing from their own personal journeys and the most effective techniques they use, who and what they work with to support them – providing you with a powerful toolbox to bring back home with you again.

We will also be diving deep into Tim’s and Lovisa’s favourite subjects – Angels and Atlantis! And there will be lots of powerful visualisations connecting you to the angels, masters and temples that come forward for us as a group for this specific event.

As a unique aspect to this workshop, you will be given the opportunity to connect deeply with different Nordic Masters and Winter energies. These include the Northern Lights, Water in its crystalline aspect as Pure White Snow and Norse, Sami and other Nordic Masters who are yet to reveal themselves closer to the date!

Anna Indra Larsson will be adding sacred sound keys and mantras to deepen our connections to the frequencies coming through in the visualisations and meditations during the weekend.

Find out more in our recent video:

This workshop is hosted by Jenni Ranta-Kahila and all inquiries about the event will go through Jenni at

We hope to see you there with us in Helsinki in January!

Love, Lovisa, Tim, Jenni & Anna

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