Opening Peace Portals Worldwide – Zoom Online Workshop with Tim Whild

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About this recording

This workshop recording is dedicated to opening, anchoring and activating ‘peace portals’ globally to allow easy movement for the Higher Realms.

Everyone on Earth is now aware of the global change that we are experiencing. Many souls are struggling to embody the quantity of ascension energy that is coming in and the rapid timeframe that is being applied to the transition.

In order to make the energy feel smoother the teams that are assisting our world are requesting access points to establish a permanent balance.

We have now moved past the pivotal part of our shift where there was uncertainty as to whether we would achieve ascension here on Earth. Every soul is moving through a window of transition that has never been achieved before in such a short time.

The Peace Portals will be established above the major cities of our planet and will see a beautiful inflow of energy from Ashtar Command, The Unicorns and a collection of Ascended Masters representing the Intergalactic Council.

Action stations!

During this workshop you will –

  • Clear and balance yourself to be able to attune to the highest Light
  • Work directly with the Galactic Teams, the Unicorns, Seraphina and many others
  • Provide powerful access points to the higher realms
  • Connect to Archangel Uriel’s Angels of Peace to provide a planetary blessing
  • Please bring your favourite crystal to this event

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