Portals to the Cosmic Heart – Zoom Online Workshop with Lovisa Alvtorn and Tim Whild

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The Power of your own open Heart should never be underestimated. It is a mighty portal which connects to the very Heart of Source. Through our heart chakras we are also connected to the heart chakra of the planet in Glastonbury, UK, which is in turn a gateway to the Cosmic Heart of Venus.

The world is in a lot of turmoil now and we are at a crucial point in the history of man. The heart chakra of every single person on this planet has been activated but many souls still don’t understand what is happening to them. Now, Lady Venus and Lady Gaia are asking for our help, with the assistance of beloved Archangel Chamuel and his wondrous Angels of Love.

In this recording we will go back to basics, back to pure Heart energy. Tim and Lovisa will talk about the importance of listening to and following the voice of your Heart, in a way that is easy to understand even if you are an ascension newbie, who just woke up spiritually.

During this recording every single participant will open their own powerful portal to the Cosmic Heart, somewhere on the planet. We will do this in Unity, by the Power of One, as One Heart. Even if you are new to working with portals, rest assured that your Heart counts, and your loving service will have a wondrous effect on the energy of the planet.

The work that we do together will help stabilize the Heart energy of the collective. By anchoring in the energies from the Cosmic Heart physically into the planet and the ley system, we will help soothe the Hearts of Man, and assist those who are ready, to start to listen to the voice of their Hearts once more.

In this recording you will:

  • Be reminded of the Power of your own open Heart.
  • Learn about the Heart chakra of the planet in Glastonbury UK, and how this is a portal to the Cosmic Heart of Venus.
  • Learn more about energy portals and how to work with them.
  • Connect your own heart in meditation to the Cosmic Heart of Venus for a personal healing, centering love boost and heart expansion that will activate your heart at the next level on your ascension pathway.
  • In Unity, as One Heart with everyone participating in this workshop, open up/reactivate your own Portal to the Cosmic Heart, to assist with the ascension process of the entire planet by anchoring in the pure Heart energies directly from Source.

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