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The overall emphasis on 2019 has been the complete change in energy here on Earth. We have shifted into the era of light, truth, authenticity and self-empowerment. As this year enters its final months the incoming light will reach its highest frequencies as we head towards the Solstice.

During the last Zoom workshop we navigated the healing process that is necessary after the cataclysmic fall of Atlantis 10,000 years ago. This healing process is still ongoing both personally and globally, but we don’t have to stay ‘caught up’ in the energies of this event.

Raising the Light of Golden Atlantis is heart healing on a much brighter scale as we offer ourselves the opportunity to immerse in the vibrations that are becoming increasingly available from this sacred time.

Many of you tuning into this event will have had lifetimes in Atlantis, whether it was in the first four attempts or whether it was in the fifth and final event. You may or may not remember any of this, but the emphasis of tonight will be to re-establish a strong flow of Atlantean energy back into the golden Matrix of planet Earth.

In this recording you will

  • Learn where we are energetically as we move towards the final two months of our fast-moving year!
  • Raise the Light of Golden Atlantis – Tim will lead a visualisation to connect you into the height of the Golden Era where you may retrieve an important soul gift or code for your ascension pathway
  • Healing the Painbody. This is a recent discovery…as we move deeper into our personal cleansing we are shown the need to release the layers of personal pain (painbody) that can keep us trapped in lower frequency energy. Tim will explain about this in thorough detail!
  • What to expect from the next few months – what treats are we in store for leading up to the Solstice?

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