Reclaiming Your Master Wisdom | Online Workshop with David Essery & Tim Whild

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We are in a period of great change, spring is in the air in the northern hemisphere and the teams of light are in full swing ready to help us step into our highest path. The world is changing rapidly, and now more than ever we have an opportunity to reclaim our master wisdom.

The Halls of Amenti are an incredible space that exists within the higher realms. Within The Halls is  a vast library of everything that we have ever been and ever known. All of the gifts and talents we have developed, the wisdom that we have learned,  is stored safely under the watchful guard of Anubis and his legions. When we reach the required vibration we are able to access and unlock some of these secrets.

There were huge changes on the December Solstice 2022. A massive shift took place, energetic timelines merged, and time is not what it was before…this  opens up our past and most importantly our past lives.

On this auspicious date the doors to the Halls of Amenti were unlocked. We now have an opportunity to enter and reclaim our golden spiritual heritage. Join Tim Whild and David Essery as they guide you through a journey of self discovery that will open up vital doorways for your highest ascension pathway!

Learn more about this event in the recent video Tim and I did together:

In this workshop we will:

  • Learn about why we are living in such an important time and how the new energies are supporting our growth.
  • Journey into the Halls of Amenti to reclaim your Master Wisdom!
  • Receive a powerful energetic upgrade that will align you to your highest Master Pathway.
  • Have an opportunity to re-align your life contract with what YOU want to do in this lifetime.

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