Restoring the Divine Goldprint of the Twelve Chakras – Zoom Online Workshop with Tim Whild

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During the 260,000-year era of Atlantis, the Atlanteans begun to access the full range and capacity of their twelve-chakra system. Upon the fall of Atlantis all humans agreed to navigate the following millennia with the limitations of the seven-chakra system that we are all familiar with. This resulted in a huge drop in spiritual, psychic, and connective powers that lead to a thorough exploration in disconnection from Source.

As the vibration rises on Earth and we move through the ascension process the Atlantean Twelve Chakra system has become available again to those who are ready to connect with their higher roles. As from 2021 a further three chakras became available, and our vibration is reaching further and higher than even the Atlanteans were able to achieve.

As the energy devolved towards the Fall many efforts were made to hinder and shut down the spiritual powers of the souls dedicated to the light. Some of these ‘wounds’ have been carried over into the new era and this workshop is dedicated to restoring the original Divine Goldprint that was carried by the High Priests and Priestesses of Golden Atlantis.

This ‘power hour’ workshop is dedicated to visiting the divine energy spaces of the Temples of Atlantis to assist with the restoration of your ascension chakras! 

During this recording you will –

  • Find out what happened to our spiritual gifts and abilities at the Fall of Atlantis.
  • Discover why we chose to experience Earth in 3D and why we are now moving from this vibration permanently.
  • Visit and work with the energies of the Temples of Atlantis to restore the Divine Goldprint of the Twelve Ascension Chakras.

We will be joined by powerful Archangels and Ascended Masters on the night, please bring a crystal (if you have one available)!

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