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As our world becomes increasingly modernised, we are living in a permanent field of frequencies that some of us are beginning to feel very out of alignment with.

This is partly due to the ascension process that we are undergoing which is forcing us to take action for ourselves and our loved ones, so that we honour the true nature of our physical and spiritual selves.

In this powerful, practical and informative workshop Tim Whild will guide you through easy and effective techniques/outlooks that will enable you to rise above the lower frequencies and transform the negative into positive!

During this two-hour session you will cover a variety of topics –

  • Why are we beginning to feel so sensitive to these energies? What has changed?
  • How to look after ourselves to the optimum level
  • 5G..should we be worried about it and what can we do?
  • Using crystals to change our frequency, protect ourselves and our homes
  • Conspiracy theories…are they a necessity or a vibration-dropping distraction?
  • Discernment, how to tell if something is right for you or whether you should ‘Grace it and move on’
  • Where we are going for the remainder of 2019. How to shape the energies to work for you!
  • How the Angels and Ascended Masters are now working with us and what is expected of the Lightworkers of Earth
  • Activations! Tim will lead two powerful activations that will light you up and keep your vibration high, pure and clear

As with every Zoom event we will be LIVE and anything can happen. It will be recorded fully so that you can still participate later even if you can’t be present for the event itself. Everyone attending will be sent the recording via email the following day.

Please sign up and register via the form below and please note that this event is registration only! The event form must be filled out correctly in order for you to receive your link.

Price £20.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Love Tim 💜

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