Spiritual Protection and Foreign Energy Removal Zoom Online Workshop with Tim Whild and David Essery

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We are living in a time of duality, where the old 3D blueprint is still being played out alongside the new 5D blueprint.  This divide can challenge us to maintain our personal energy levels but as we move forward to establish this new society, it is more important than ever.

We have all known people who “drain” our energy, or have had experiences that have left us not feeling our true selves. It often feels like no matter how hard we try to protect ourselves, we cannot maintain our own equilibrium.

This session is dedicated to overcoming these challenges by providing practical advice on both protection as well as how to regain your energy afterwards.

In this recording you will:

  • Learn how the current environment has changed spiritual protection
  • Learn practical advice on how to protect yourself
  • Learn how to remove foreign energy from yourself
  • Take part in a powerful visualisation to cleanse and purify your bodies and fields. This will be a very useful tool that can be redone at any time

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