Stepping Fully Into Your Spiritual Service! | Online Workshop with Alice Heath and Tim Whild

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For all enquiries about this workshop, please contact Alice Heath.
The expedition of the Ascension process is accelerating fast, and as it does so more and more of us are called to step potently, powerfully and with conviction into our Spiritual Service. This is a path of devotion, of determination and of energetic mastery and discipline. As we are mid point between Solstices, running up to the Equinox…and being guided back within by the prominent retrogrades, we are being invited to continue to clear and release false identities of the old paradigm and connect deeper into our Soul’s truth than ever before! The support from the Angelics, Celestials, Elementals and Cosmic Councils is right there for us to tap directly into for the Highest Good of All through this sacred attunement of Spiritual Mastery!

Join Tim and Alice as we journey to the the Temple of Poseidon and far beyond, receive spiritual clarity and wisdom, energetic freedom and love and move through this time feeling more connected with your Soul Purpose than ever before!

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In this workshop we will:

  • Connect with the Council of Neptune to receive a collective transmission for the current expansion in the Ascension Process
  • Receive a Neptunian Dragon Attunement to clear karmic confusion or entanglement
  • Meet with Ascended Master Poseidon and the Oracle to receive clarity in your personal Spiritual Mission for this lifetime
  • Retrieve your specific Spiritual Gifts from the Primordial & Cosmic Waters of the Divine Mother-Father
  • Attain new tools to assist moving through challenging Initiations and Dark Nights
  • Anything else humanity, Earth and the Universe needs at this time!

It is a profound joy and honour to bring this workshop to you, we look forward immensely to connecting with All who are called! As usual, this event is live with a recorded replay for all who aren’t able to make it on the day!

Workshop conducted in English via YouTube live stream. Option to pay by card via PayPal

If you can’t find the link to join live or aren’t sure if you’ve already registered, please click here to access your account history!

With love from the One True Heart,
Tim and Alice

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