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This incredible year is seeing a global wake-up and a ‘shift in power’ around the world as everyone on the Light Path begins their process of remembrance. This wildfire of awakening is no longer a rumour or wishful thinking as it is happening in all aspects of society. Many Lightworkers are connected to souls that they would never have dreamed would wake up…and now they are!

These beings are raw, confused, sometimes angry, and they require the heart-guidance that we hold within us as a natural force.

The Atlantean Keys of Liberty looks to celebrate our progression on the Light Path as well as activating ten essential Energy Keys that will assist us to embrace the ascension path with the highest honour and grace.

These Keys have been gifted by the Atlantean Council that served during the Golden Era of Atlantis. Each key represents a facet of our modern existence and will provide assistance and insight into how to establish the highest path for everyone (and everything) on Earth.

Do you wish to embrace the second half of this amazing year with the mindset and vibration of a Walking Master? Join Tim and members of the Atlantean Council to set the wheels in motion.

During this powerful workshop recording you will –

  • Receive an up-to-date energy report from Tim and his Team of Light.
  • Relax and integrate any ‘left-over’ energies from the June Solstice.
  • Meet and work with the Atlantean Council to clear and balance your bodies and fields.
  • Receive the Atlantean Keys of Liberty as a guided visualisation…(please bring your own crystal for this)!

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