The Beloved Archangels Speak – Part 3 Zoom Online Workshop with Tim Whild and David Essery

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Join Tim Whild and David Essery for the third part of their 4 part workshop series where we will be connecting with and learning from eight incredible Archangels inspired by the teachings from “The Seven Beloved Archangels Speak” by Tomas Printz (yes, we have added an Archangel 😁).

In this special two hour long session we will be working with Archangel Gabriel, the Angel of Resurrection and Archangel Michael, the Angel of Protection.

You do not have to have taken part in episode one or two of this series to attend this workshop.

Archangel Gabriel

Many of you will know Archangel Gabriel as the Angel of Purification or Communication. In the Beloved Archangels Speak, he refers to himself as the Angel of Resurrection.

In truth he is all of these and so much more. He wields his incredible Cosmic Diamond of Purity to break down discord and raise the vibration of anything that requires it. This is a powerful ascension tool that can help shift old patterns and blocks and put you on the path to your own resurrection!

In this workshop we will work with him to download and anchor in our blueprint for higher mastery allowing you step into your Higher Self.

We will also discuss how you can work with your Higher Self on a daily basis for guidance, wisdom and to aid your own ascension.

Archangel Michael

Most of us know Archangel Michael as the mighty Archangel carrying the sword and shield which is used to protect and cut away lower energies!

During this powerful event we will be connecting to the highest aspect of Michael to discover how he has dedicated his service to the Lightworkers at this incredible point of transition.

Many souls on the spiritual pathway will have experienced Archangel Michael as their first point of contact when they wake up, and we will be working directly with him to clear all lower energies/aspects and removing all blockages that are contained within our fifth-dimensional throat chakras.

During this workshop recording Archangel Michael will be revealing his true form and opening his arms to everyone who has been brave enough to take a physical body in these incredible times

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