The Blue Rose Workshop – Pleiadean Healing Session with Tim Whild

Workshop Recording

About this recording

During 2014 Tim was specifically contacted by the Pleiadean High Council and presented with a healing tool/technique called the Pleiadean Blue Rose. 

This gentle but powerful Pleiadean technology is designed to work harmoniously with the four-body system and support the twelve chakras as they develop. 

Alcyone is the main Sun of the Pleiades Cluster and was one of the ‘new’ seven that were added to our ascension inflow last year. The Pleiadeans have dedicated a specific team to provide us with healing technology for the future and worked with the Priesthood of Atlantis to refine their crystal technology.

This workshop recording will focus on connecting to the amazing Pleiadean High Council and receiving a (well needed) healing and balancing session for everyone attending!

During this workshop recording you will – 

  • Learn how Tim connected to the Pleiadean High Council and replicate the technique using your own crystal!
  • Connect directly to the light of Alcyone, the Sun of the Pleiades and receive a gentle ascension boost.
  • Meet the Pleiadean High Council and discover how they have been assisting us since Atlantean times.
  • The Blue Rose! This technique will be used to heal, smooth and balance our group via a powerful visualisation.

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