The Children of the New Golden Era – Zoom Online Workshop with Diana Cooper and Tim Whild

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From 2010 onwards a completely new and unique group of souls began to incarnate on Earth to assist with the transition that we are all experiencing.

These new children have been born free from the Wheel of Karma and most of them have been born with their twelve chakras fully activated. They have an array of gifts and talents that will enable them to be the Masters of the future.

Many of us on the ascension pathway are now parents or grandparents to these incredible souls, but in many cases, we have been ‘caught out’ by the different needs and demands that are essential for their growth and development.

This powerful and informative workshop recording with Diana and Tim will cover some essential points on how to honour the needs of these children, what they are requiring from us as parents and what their future roles will entail! 

High frequency children require fifth-dimensional parenting as they are (quite literally) the foundations of our golden future.

During this recording you will – 

  • Children and Atlantis – How did they fit into society during that incredible era
  • Learn about the new children and why they began to incarnate from 2010 onwards
  • Discover what they require of us and what their primary roles are on this planet
  • Meet the dedicated teams of Angelics, Dragons, Unicorns and Ascended Masters who work with the new children
  • Take a powerful journey to work with the Higher Realms and create a beautiful world for these children to step into

Please bring your favourite crystal to this event.

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