The Crystalline Codes of Atlantis

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In 2015 Tim Whild retrieved a set of ancient symbols from The Halls of Amenti. These thirteen symbols were used daily by the Atlantean Priesthood and the higher initiates to maintain the integrity of their (twelve) chakra system at all times. Even during the halcyon days of Golden Atlantis their vibrations had to be maintained at the highest level to keep the entire continent fifth-dimensional.

Hundreds of people worldwide have already been drawn to re-activate this set of codes and connect to the highest aspect of their Atlantean ascension blueprint.

During this two-hour workshop you will participate in some of the most powerful energy and crystal work since Atlantean times!

Workshop – 2 Hours

  • Connecting to Atlantis. Why is it so vital to our ascension process?
  • An Introduction to the Crystalline Codes and how they were retrieved
  • Visit the Twelve Atlantean Temples in meditation and fully connect your energy to the Golden Era
  • The activation of the Crystalline Codes via crystal transference. You will need your own crystal as you will be participating in a powerful transmission of energy wherever you are in the world!!

Everyone who participates will receive a link with the thirteen Codes and an original mp3 recorded by Tim.

This is a powerful activation and a reconnection to Golden Atlantis…some of you may receive memories during the activation and be able to feel the energy distinctly. Your own crystal is essential!

Price – £50

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