The December Solstice Zoom Online Workshop with David Essery and Tim Whild

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The December Solstice this year marks ten years since Earth moved through a gateway known as the Cosmic Moment. During the Cosmic Moment our reality shifted from 3D to 4D, and we entered a fast-moving period of change that is gaining momentum with each passing day.

The second half of the shift is now upon us, and the era of the Golden Age has become a reality that we are collectively working towards.

How different are you now to the YOU that existed a decade ago? How far have you come and how much have you learned?

For many of us, our experiences have been a rollercoaster of highs and lows but within this learning we have changed and evolved into powerful souls. We are embarking on the pathway to Mastery, and we are being assisted by the might of the Universe.

David Essery and Tim Whild both stepped into their full spiritual roles during the primary decade of this shift and tonight they will be sharing some of the main challenges that they faced. Within all challenges are solutions and the foundation for learning and teaching. This powerful online event tonight will be dedicated to bringing in the second half of our transition with the ease and grace that is our spiritual birth-right.

We will be joined by the Teams of Light who are orchestrating Earth’s ascension as they share with us their plans for the Golden Age of Aquarius. The Brotherhood of the Golden Robe who are led by Lord Kuthumi have an important integration for everyone on this special day so be open and ready to receive!

As Service work tonight Beloved Mary, Mother of Jesus, will be asking us for our help with a planetary petition for the highest good of everyone on Earth.

During this recording you will –

  • Receive the most up to date ascension report on the current energies and what the Solstice Light is bringing in.
  • Hear how David and Tim both stepped onto their pathways after the Cosmic Moment and how the Universe guided this transformation.
  • Work with the Teams of Light and the Intergalactic Council to employ an anchoring strategy for the new light coming in.
  • Receive a visit from Lord Kuthumi and The Brotherhood of the Golden Robe who have a powerful message for all Lightworkers.
  • Take part in the Solstice blessings and integrate a powerful upgrade that will take you into 2023 and the second half of our transition from 3D to 5D!
  • Assist Beloved Mary, Mother of Jesus, who will be bringing through a powerful petition to the Lords of Karma and the Lords of Light.

The price for this workshop is £16. To book your place, please complete the form on David’s website here:

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