The Global Pillars of Sacred Light Zoom Workshop

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Following on from the powerful Zoom event held in April, this online workshop is another opportunity to become directly involved in global service for our planet.

In the last event we created multiple pillars of Light that were anchored at various chosen locations around the world. The theme for this online space is similar but will be focusing on the Sacred Portals and chakras of Mother Earth.

The result of our collective intention and focus will be highly beneficial for all of us moving through the ascension process, and a massive help for Gaia who is calling for our assistance!

During this event we work on raising our light and the light of our planet in a fast-paced two-hour event.

Please tune in with your own crystal. It doesn’t have to be anything intricate, expensive or fancy…a simple piece of quartz will suffice.

We will be –

  • Creating a sacred, grounded and protective group space for all of us to work in
  • Invoking the Earth Dragons to guide us with our project and to ensure that it remains permanent after we finish
  • Meeting the Legions of Anubis and learning their role in the ascension process
  • Working directly under the guidance of Archangel Metatron, Serapis Bey and other members of the Intergalactic and Earth Ascension Council
  • Anchoring and activating 33 sacred portals of Light around the world. Some of these have been closed down/corrupted and may take a bit of work to clear
  • Activating a Rainbow Diamond of the highest light around the world

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