The Golden Robe of Lord Kuthumi – Zoom Online Workshop with Tim Whild

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The Brotherhood of the Golden Robe are a spiritual organisation consisting of physical and non-physical souls who have agreed (via a powerful soul contract) to take on the pain of the world during the third dimension.

Ascended Master Lord Kuthumi who has many roles and responsibilities in the ascended realms is the head of this group. Volunteers for service have incarnated all around Earth over the past one hundred years and many of you reading this will be involved on some level.

Very recently the parameters for service within the Golden Robe collective have changed. As Earth begins the second half of the shift from 3D to 5D the ‘first wave’ of Golden Robe workers have been offered the opportunity to retire and hand their robe back. 

As this occurs a new wave of volunteers are stepping forwards and their role within the Brotherhood (and Sisterhood!) of the Golden Robe will be to provide a stable energetic field for the new wave of souls to wake up within. 2023 is due to see a huge quantity of Lightworkers joining the ascension pathway and many of them will need this supportive energy around them. 

Are you one of the souls wearing a Golden Robe who is ready to hand it back with grace and honour? 

Are you feeling the pull to don your Golden robe to assist the new field of Light as it anchors in place around the world? 

During this powerful workshop recording, you will – 

  • Receive an up-to-date energy report from Tim and find out about Lord Kuthumi and the Brotherhood of the Golden Robe.
  • Cleanse, balance and align your chakras and fields with the current energies flowing in from the Cosmos.
  • Meet with Lord Kuthumi in his Halls of Learning to hand back or receive your Golden Robe!
  • Service work for Earth…this will be decided on the night so bring your favourite crystal to the workshop! 

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