The Great Ascension Crystal of Orion! Zoom Online Workshop with Alice Heath and Tim Whild

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The constellation of Orion has played a key role in the foundation of Earth since She birthed…! The crystal technology and power system of Golden Atlantis was seeded by the Great Orion Crystal. Priceless wisdom, higher technology and advanced gifts were channelled down to us to assert the Goldprint we needed!
Since the fall of Atlantis our connection with Orion’s Great Crystal became severed. We are at a time now, where we are being welcomed to reestablish a connection to the Great Crystal, and access once more the ineffable Ascension wisdom the Great Crystal and Diamond Ones wish to imbue!
Join Tim and Alice as we receive this blessed cosmic gift and crucial tool, as we begin to lay the higher foundational diamond-crystal grid for the next 10 years!
During this workshop, we will:
  • Receive an up to date Ascension report from Tim and Alice, specifically on how these next 10 years differ from the last!
  • Connect with the Diamond Ones of Ascended Orion to enjoy a Diamond Ray Light Bath and DNA upgrade
  • Release any old fragments of karmic timeline loops from previous fallen Golden Ages
  • Reestablish connection between Earth’s Great Crystal and the Great Crystal of Orion
  • Service work! Whatever Earth needs at this time to ensure a smooth start to 2023!

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