The Great Leap – June Solstice 23 | Online Workshop with David Essery and Tim Whild

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Every year the summer and winter solstices are powerful transformative events, and this year will be no exception.

The Seraphim have stepped forward and delivered a powerful message, watch now in the following video, or read on below:

Now is the time for the great unfolding, where we reveal ourselves to the world. For too long we have hidden in the shadows, reserved for only myth and magic.

The world is changing, and so must the people, or risk being left behind. We come to offer a sacred pact, one that would allow the sleeping masses the opportunity for rapid, accelerated spiritual growth, but to do so, they must be willing to leave their emotional baggage at the metaphorical door.

We are to stand forward, no longer reserved for places of worship, but on every corner of every street, we offer ourselves to the people of Mother Earth, in peace, in love, in unity. So that we may take the Great Leap Forward that we have so long awaited. 

Now is the time, the solstice is the place. 

For love, we stand, forever in your humblest service
The Seraphim

This step change on how the higher realms are interacting with every soul on this planet will drastically alter the trajectory of this process and propel us forward like never before.

The key focus of this workshop will be to assist the teams of light to step forward in this manner. And as always, there will be massive light upgrades to be had for each and every one of us!

In this workshop we will:

  • Clear, balance, and align ourselves with the Light of the Seraphim who are bringing forth the energetic framework for the Solstice light to enter our reality. Seraphim Seraphina, Seraphisa, and Seraphiel will be joining us. 
  • Assist in opening portals of light all around the planet to allow the higher beings to step forward
  • Receive powerful light frequency upgrades in harmony with the Solstice.
  • Prepare emotionally and physically for the upcoming period that leads to the Lions Gate. 
  • Service work! On the night we will be guided to perform any tasks that are necessary to assist those around us to step into a higher light. 

This workshop will be broadcast live on YouTube. Everyone will also receive a copy of the recording after each session so don’t worry if you can’t join us live. The recording is just as powerful as the live event!

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