The Lion’s Core – Lions Gate 2023 | Online Workshop with David Essery and Tim Whild

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Every year in our world aligns with Sirius and the Galactic Core during the transit of Leo. This begins in late July and concludes in the 3rd week of august, providing the most powerful spiritual date on the yearly calendar. The 8/8 Portal is the peak of all the energies that we receive and a period where light is put into action.

During the past decade there has been significant spiritual occurrences during every Lion’s Gate and this year is set to be an event of vast magnitude.

David Essery and Tim Whild have received information of the next wave of heart awakenings which are set to occur on the date of 8/8/23. The effects of this will be felt in every living soul on Earth and will catapult us into the next phase of the ascension process surrounded by many new Lights.

The ‘New Lights’ are in fact old souls who have chosen to awaken at this time and will add a beautiful new vibration to our ascending planet.

2023 is the first real year of Light in Action. It is moving fast and introducing a completely new meaning to ‘roller-coaster ride’ as we receive new codings, information, frequencies, and energies to embody/maintain.

Watch the video below where Tim and David discuss whats upcoming in more detail:

During this powerful Lion’s Gate event you will –

  • Receive up to date ascension information about the Lion’s Gate from David and Tim.
  • Connect deeply to the Lion’s Core and ignite the wave of New Lights!
  • Receive an incredible blessing and karmic clearing from Melchizedek
  • Work with the Seraphim and their teams to balance the Heart Wave that is to be sent to every physical heart chakra on Earth.
  • Balance, align, and light up your Higher Heart to establish and hold the new light as it comes in.
  • Service work! Bring your favourite crystal and we will be guided closely on the night with instructions from the Seraphim.

This workshop will be broadcast live on YouTube. Everyone will also receive a copy of the recording so don’t worry if you can’t join us live. The recording is just as powerful as the live event!

The price for this recording is £16, to purchase it, please complete the form on David’s website here:

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