The Lions Gate 2022 Zoom Online Workshop with David Essery and Tim Whild

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Lions Gate is here! Once again, we are immersing ourselves in the most powerful spiritual gateway/event of the year. This is a period that will be studied and spoken about for Galactic generations to come.

The Lions Gate portal opens for a period of three to four weeks during the astrological transition of Leo. This begins around the 23rd of July and concludes (this year) on the 14th of August with the 8th being the peak of the energy.

Every year the Lions Gate creates a wave of vast spiritual change that is implemented by the Councils of Light to assist with our transition from 3D to 5D.

This year is going to see the activation of further waves of change.

The Lion’s Gate has been celebrated in high-vibrational communities since the Atlantean era. The alignment of our planet with Sirius and the Galactic Core enables the ascended realms to deal with our process directly. We are about to conclude a powerful three-year cycle that begun on 23rd July 2019 which has seen incredible changes around the world. The process of moving from the ego to the Heart is in full motion and the Councils of Light have something special lined up for us.

When running events on such special dates as the Lions Gate, we don’t always know exactly what we will be presenting when we start advertising an event, and this year was no exception. We are always guided by the higher realms on what needs to happen for the Ascension of our planet and this year we are really excited to be able to present the return of Lemuria!

The Lemurians stepped away 260,000 years ago before the rise of Atlantis. Since then they have been living in an underground city in Hollow Earth that is accessed through Mount Shasta. You can find out more about this in Tim’s recent video:

During this workshop recording you will –

  • Receive a full energy report and update from David and Tim.
  • What is the Lions Gate? Find out what occurred during the other portals since 2012 and why this window of energy differs from the others.
  • Clear and balance your 15 ascension chakras with the Archangels that over-light them.
  • Witness the return of the Lemurians to our planet and take part in a powerful activation
  • Celebrate the end of the Storm Layer that has been in place for 3 years and help to activate powerful new energies for our planet.

The live event is now sold out but you can still pre-register for a recording which we will sent out as soon as it is available after the event. Usually only an hour or two after the event finishes.

The energy of the recording is just as powerful as the live event, even if you are not able to watch it on the day. Find out more.

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