The Lions Gate – Zoom Online Workshop with Tim Whild and David Essery. Hosted by Positive Living Inspirations – Southampton

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Each year when the Sun moves into Leo, we experience an energetic phenomenon known as the Lions Gate.

The Lions Gate was celebrated in Atlantean times as well as Egyptian and is recognised globally for its contribution to the energy dynamics of our planet.

Since the Cosmic Moment in 2012 these transitions have been becoming increasingly powerful as Earth aligns with Sirius and the Galactic Core. It is the ideal opportunity to achieve a huge shift in energy on a personal and planetary level as Lions Gate is always the most powerful alignment of the year!

This event was due to be held as a live workshop hosted by Jackie White of Positive Living Inspirations – Southampton. Due to the current circumstances we are taking it online and Tim will be teaming with David Essery (of New Moon Art) to present a transformational two hours. We will help you to make the very most of the energies available and contribute to some highly sacred planetary work!

During this workshop recording you will –

  • Receive a beautiful blessing and introduction from Jackie White
  • Learn about the Lions Gate and how/why it is so important
  • What happened in the previous Lions Gate events? What can we expect over the coming four months?
  • Personal work – Tim and David will work with each of your Twelve Ascension Chakras using powerful images created by David Essery. These images and activations include sacred geometry to help heal, purify, balance and fully activate your 5D Chakra column at a deep level. This process will be highly transformational! You will also receive a digital copy of the artwork after the event.
  • Planetary work. We will be harnessing the power of the 8/8 portal to align the energies of the planet to the fifth-dimensional Atlantean Ascension Blueprint
  • Crystals! Everything we do will be amplified by the use of crystals within our online group

Please note that you will need a crystal for this workshop! – it doesn’t need to be big or fancy, but it is more effective to send energy/intention via a clear (quartz based) crystal. An example of this would be rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, Lemurian etc. Any shape or size will do as long as it is connected to your energies.

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