The Lions Gate Zoom Online Workshop with David Essery and Tim Whild to Anchor and Celebrate the 8-8 Portal

Workshop Recording

About this recording

Every year as the Sun moves into Leo, we are presented with an auspicious window of high frequency energy combined with cosmic downloads of light.

This year has been highlighted to be one of the most important in spiritual history as the Lions Gate aligns with a Cosmic Plan to set the ‘final touches’ to the fifth-dimensional foundations that have been built around our planet.

Many of us are experiencing the sensation of our realities being ‘between worlds’ as we bounce from one challenge to another. Most of these challenges are presented as we consciously unplug ourselves from the 3D Matrix that has existed on Earth for thousands of years.

Each August a significant change is implemented by the higher teams of Light during the 8/8 Portal. What will it be this year? How will it affect the world that we live in and experience daily?

David Essery and Tim Whild are teaming with powerful souls of the Light Collective to assist with the global transition. During this event we will be working to a plan that is being presented by the Unified Councils of Light to ensure that all of the higher frequencies on Earth are reaching their targets at the correct time. We will be harmonising with many other physical/etheric teams around Earth who are drawing their information and instructions from the same pool of unified consciousness. We work as One.

Serapis Bey says that ‘the gloves are now off’ and it is time to get this job done with the path of least resistance.

During this recording you will – 

  • Receive an up-to-date ascension report on where we are, what we are doing and what the rest of 2021 is likely to hold
  • Connect to mighty souls of the dedicated Light Collective that have gathered from around the Cosmos
  • Clear, balance and align yourself ready to anchor in the Light of the 8/8 Portal
  • Work with the Storm Layer as it enters its 3rd and final year of alchemical clearance around our world
  • Service work! On the day we will be given specific instructions to utilise the Lions Gate to raise the vibration of our reality…permanently! David will be using his amazing artwork to assist us to do this
  • Grounding clearing and balancing the energy that we have received and worked with. You will receive whatever you need the most on this day.

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