The New Forest Practical Ascension Weekend with Tim Whild

10:00 - 16:00 GMT
Lymington, England
£144 - £266

About this event

Tim Whild is presenting a powerful and illuminating two-day (weekend) event in the New Forest!

As we enter 2023, we embark on an important year in the transition of Earth from 3D to 5D and this time we are entering the second decade of the shift. Everything around us has changed and our consciousness has shifted vastly as we keep pace with the incredible vibrations of the Cosmos.

This weekend will be dedicated to the core aspects of the ascension process that Tim works with himself. From a practical perspective we are creating Heaven on Earth using tools, gifts, talents, and higher aspects of ourselves that were previously hidden away.

The content presented will be something that you can take away and apply to every aspect of your life to assist you with navigating the incredible times that we are living in!

These two days will be divided into four components, and you are welcome to attend either Saturday or Sunday, or stay for the entire weekend.

Day 1 Part 1.– How to be a human being. Being a high frequency soul in a human body is one of the biggest challenges we face. Together we can learn how to embrace this!

Day 1 Part 2 – Bringing Heaven to Earth. Once we have learned how to navigate who we are we can assist with the ascension process and evolve with grace and love.

Day 2 Part 1. – Atlantis and our Golden Future. Discover why we are to bring back the Golden Era of Atlantis and what happened ten-thousand years ago.

Day 2 Part 2. – Crystals and How to Use Them. The Final part of this weekend will be working directly with crystals to discover why and how they serve us so beautifully. Healing, grids, programming and much more.

The New Forest is an exquisite area in Hampshire that is becoming one of the main gathering points for many high-frequency souls on the ascension pathway. It is seeing an explosion of committed Lightworkers who are drawn to the energy and natural beauty of the land. Join us for a weekend that will leave you glowing with light, love, and knowledge.

Tickets will be available for Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd individually or you can book for the entire weekend.

One day £144 includes all hot beverages throughout the day and a finger buffet which will have Gluten Free and Vegan options in the choices.

Both days £266 including all beverages and finger buffet both days.

You can book just one or both days. Each single day will be £144.

No Refund policy see our T&C’s.

To stay at Elmers Court per night is £98 for a single, twin or double. £123 with Refund option. To be booked through Elmers Court directly.

Elmers Court Hotel is very close to the Wight Link Ferry and Lymington Train Station.

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