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One of the most common tests and initiations that are presented to us on the ascension pathway is the test of discernment.

Now more so than ever we are being given the opportunity to hone our abilities to read ‘between the energy lines’ and see what is right for us.

Discernment is applied to all aspects of our lives whether it be making the correct decision for diet, choosing the right place to hold a workshop or if that teacher holds is presenting information that resonates with the vibration of your heart centre.

This is a spiritual test that can and will repeat itself continuously until the pupil has learned to navigate the physical plane in complete control of their senses. Even at the higher levels of spirituality that pupil happens to be ‘us’ and 2019 is proving to be the year where the illusions are dissolved, and the truth is presented in whatever form is necessary.

During this workshop Tim will convey his extensive knowledge on this subject using his depth of personal experience. He will teach you to feel the vibration that is correct for you using every single chakra within your four-body system.

  • Learn how to work with the senses of the Third Eye and clear the distortions of the Third Dimension
  • Work with energies of the Atlantean Temple of Truth and see how this vibration kept Atlantis pure and clear
  • Initiations of the physical pathway. Discernment is an initiation that often works hand in hand with other tests…learn what they are and how to navigate them
  • Trusting your Heart! When all else seems dark or confusing, learn to take the situation into your heart centre…Tim will use a powerful guided meditation to assist you to light up any area of your life
  • Distortions of reality…know what you may be presented with and learn how to alchemise deception
  • Truth… Who has the right to claim ‘truth’ and what does it really mean?
  • Questions! Tim will be at hand to answer any questions that you may have on this subject (or any other for that matter!)

As with every Zoom event we will be LIVE and anything can happen. It will be recorded fully so that you can still participate later even if you can’t be present for the event itself. Everyone attending will be sent the recording via email the following day.

The price for this event is £20. Please sign up by completing the form below, you will then receive an email with all the connection details.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Love Tim ?

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