The Seraphim and Lady Gaia – Zoom Online Workshop with Tim Whild

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Summer is ending in the Northern Hemisphere, and we are all preparing for months of intensive shifts and changes to our reality. Over the past nine months we have all worked incredibly hard to bring in the new light, anchor it, as well as embody and master our own process while disconnecting from the 3D Matrix.

Lightworkers are presented with multiple versions of reality daily and if you are reading this you have chosen the ‘high road’. This ‘high road’ is the highest version of the divine plan that is guiding our shift but there are other versions of this reality available to Earth and our souls have already made their choice.

We are Divine Souls in human form, and we have the most incredible journey ahead of us. Very recently we have garnered the support of some very illumined beings and this workshop will be dedicated to working with the Seraphim and Lady Gaia who have continuously offered their support to us during 2021.

The Seraphim are 12th Dimensional Angels that surround the Godhead, and it is testament to our rise in frequency that we can now connect and work with these incredible souls. We will be connecting to Seraphim Seraphina, Seraphim Seraphisa and Seraphim Seraphiel. 

Lady Gaia is asking for our help, focus and commitment so we will be pouring the light that we are working with into the areas that she is asking us to. This workshop will involve service work so bring a crystal on the night! 

During this workshop you will:

  • Receive the most recent ascension report from Tim along with an energy update. 
  • Ground, heal and balance anything within your energy fields that is out of alignment. Many of us have been ‘upgraded’ recently! 
  • Connect to the Mighty Seraphim Seraphina, Seraphisa and Seraphiel as they bring their collective light and instructions from Source. 
  • Work with Lady Gaia, the Angel of Earth, to flood light and healing into our new 5D Matrix and assist with the building of The High Road. 

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