The Starseeds Guide to Planet Earth Zoom Workshop with Birkan Tore and Tim Whild

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Do you feel that you don’t belong here? Have you been awake for a long time or have you just woken up and realised that you are far away from home?

The truth of the matter is that we are all Starseeds in one way or another and are attending Earth as a vast school. Earth is one of the toughest and most spiritually rewarding places to incarnate and here you will learn why it is all happening.

When we first realise that there is something much larger to the picture that we were first taught it can be pretty overwhelming. The education system and sciences of the third dimension could only recognise what they could prove from the solid objects in front of them. This was a very limiting way of looking at our reality as the spiritual scientists of today are beginning to prove.

There is life in many forms, on many planets and in every dimensional space. Here we will establish the difference between physical and non-physical and also explain why we are still talking to each other with physical bodies!

  • Why did you incarnate on Earth? This is the burning question for many souls who have come here in this amazing time.
  • Starseed soul missions. Do you think that you are different from those around you and may have a different mission on Earth? Here we will explain this in detail.
  • Stepping down and planets of origin. We all came from somewhere but where exactly? Sometimes we remember the planet that we trained on prior to our current incarnation and here we will explain how to connect via your Stellar Gateway with a powerful visualisation.
  • How to easily call home and align your physical home with your star origins
  • Your future on Earth. Where is Earth heading and will you still be here after the shift is complete?
  • Feeling homesick. This is perfectly natural as you have incarnated from a much higher frequency than the one you are currently embodying. Here we will explain how to work through this
  • Staying grounded. Here we will teach simple and effective methods on how to love where you live and stay focussed at all times. No floating off!

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This event is part of our 5 part series – Find out more.

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