The Temples of the Sun and Moon – Online Workshop with Tim Whild

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The Temple of the Sun was of great importance to the Atlanteans and the energy/wisdom that they held is as important to us in these changing times.

The temple of the Sun was built using a mixture of very clear quartz, citrine, and gold, to assist with the highest level of light refraction. The energy here was a powerful representation of the Divine Masculine.

The Temple of the Moon was established by the High Priestess Isis and allowed only the purest of the priestesses to enter it.  This centre of divine feminine energy within Atlantis was crucial for keeping the balance between masculine and feminine exact.

Many distortions have been applied to the human form since the Fall of Atlantis and these are now being corrected as we step onto the highest time-line available to us.

Join Tim and the Atlanteans for a journey to the Temples of the Sun and Moon. Here you will anchor, align, and balance new ascension Goldprints that are being made available to those walking the Path of Light. These powerful new templates will assist all souls on Earth once they are activated and established!

This event will be held on the 9/9 portal to harness the vibrations that are available to us at this time!

During this workshop you will –

  • Receive a ‘deep dive’ energy report from Tim based on what we are receiving at the time.
  • Connect with the powerful Atlantean souls that are working with the Temples in the Higher Realms.
  • Visit the Temples of the Sun and Moon to receive the upgraded Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine Goldprints that are being made available to us.
  • Service work! On the night we will be guided to assist with planetary work…bring a crystal!

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