The Violet Flame of the One True Heart | Opening the Lions Gate 2023 with Lovisa Alvtörn & Tim Whild

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The extraordinary light hitting Earth at the Solstice triggered a new heart awakening for all of humanity. The focus of this light was on the Higher Heart – our connection point into Unity. At the opening of the Lions Gate in August, a new surge of light (like a universal defibrillator) will intensify this mass awakening further.

Turbulence and confusion are to be expected as this unfolds and as Lightworkers we are prepared for this moment. Our role is to lead the way for the souls currently going through this powerful process of awakening by connecting back in with the Higher Heart of Humanity. We are Beacons of Light!

To aid and support us with this important mission we are being gifted with a new tool this Lions Gate directly from the Heart of Source – The Violet Flame of the One True Heart. This flame pours in via our Higher Hearts – bringing hope, harmonisation, transmutation and unity for all of humanity.

Join Tim and Lovisa in this much needed and very powerful service work for our planet! It’s time to move back into Unity.

In this recording you will:

  • Receive an up-to-date energy report from Tim and Lovisa and their Teams of Light.
  • Connect with the beautiful Higher Heart of Humanity – under the guidance of Sanat Kumara, Archeia Hope and the Council of the One True Heart.
  • Receive a personal activation of the Violet Flame of the One True Heart via the Heart of Source.
  • Take part in the activation of this new facet of the Violet Flame and the anchoring of it into every human heart on our planet.

This workshop will be broadcast live on YouTube. Everyone will also receive a copy of the recording so don’t worry if you can’t join us live. The recording is just as powerful as the live event!

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