Tim Whild is coming to Emsworth for 11/11!

10:00 - 16:00 GMT
Emsworth, UK
Early bird price £77.00 until 10/10/23. £88 thereafter.

About this event

The portal days are incredibly powerful and the11/11 date creates the energy foundation and the lead-up to the December Solstice.

On the 11th of November 2023 Tim will be presenting a powerful one-day workshop focusing on the reactivation of the Golden Era of Atlantis. This will a live in-person event harnessing the powerful group energies that come from co-creation.

During the day Tim will be diving deep into his own working process by starting at the beginning of his ascension pathway and working through his own initiations and experiences. These experiences have been mirrored by many others and the spiritual transformation of our planet is now exponentially as millions of souls wake up and remember who they truly are.

Every incarnated person on Earth has a connection to the era of Atlantis whether they were there in physical or were helping from a higher perspective. In many cases there are memories of this era, but these can be misleading, disjointed, or at times distressing.

Tim will be working with powerful techniques and activations to bring clarity to this.

During this workshop you will

  • Receive an up-to-date ascension report and talk from Tim about 2023 and what/how it has affected us.
  • Learn about Tim’s process and how each of us go through powerful stages of reconnection and awakening. This will include a powerful activation to reconnect you to the Master aspect of yourself that is waiting to come through.
  • Connect to the Atlantean Council who are working with Earth NOW to assist with the shift from 3D to 5D.
  • Find out what happened at the Fall of Atlantis and why.
  • Learn about and visit the Temples of Atlantis and what each of temples created for today’s ascension process!
  • Working with crystals! On the day we will be using crystals for powerful healing work for ourselves and the planet.
  • Activations and meditations! There will be plenty of these on the day.

Venue address:

Emsworth community center, North Street, Emsworth, PO10 7DD,Hampshire

Travel and parking: 

There is parking across the road behind Tesco’s, in Palmers Road car park PO10 7DL. In Bridge Street P010 7DT, where you can walkthrough to the community centre past the library.

Also there is limited parking by the community centre and a small car park next door, plus street parking behind the community centre in St. James Road.

The train comes into Emsworth and is a short walkalong North Street to the venue. Buses comes directly into Emsworth, please look at your local timetable to see timings.

Food and refreshments

Lunch menu options:

A – Kaeng Pow Curry. A rich, hot and spicy green thai curry served on a bed of spinach and rice noodles

B – Genovese pasta. Sun-dried tomato pesto pasta w/ roasted vegetables.

All served with 2x protein balls. Vegan and GF.

Please choose choice A or B and let Kate know.
Please inform us of any allergies.


£77 early bird until 10/10/23.

£88 thereafter.

Please make payment via banking to Mrs Kathryn Rawding:

Sort code 40/47/65
Account number 72885832
Ref Tim Whild.

Or PayPal to kate@peacockfeatherlifecoaching.com

Please inform us of any medical conditions that could impact on your day. We look forward to an amazing day of connection.

Any further questions please contact Genevieve Robson at: