Upgrading the Ascension Nervous System | Online Workshop with David Essery and Tim Whild

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Throughout the Ascension Process, the physical nervous system has often been a major challenge for the Lightworkers of Earth. As its pathways reach far and wide, it is the system responsible for transporting light around your physical body. But for many reasons, be it trauma, from this life or past, physical or energetic toxicity, emotional blocks or countless other reasons, these pathways can be heavily congested.

This can mean that the process of integrating light can be very challenging, leading to a whole host of physical and emotional symptoms, including, anxiety, frustration, anger, sadness, exhaustion, impeded mental function, and so much more.

The current energies on planet Earth make avoiding these integrations impossible, and so it is an important act of self love for all Lightworkers to understand and work to manage the energies within our nervous system, so that we can ultimately heal it and allow us to fully anchor the powerful energies we are receiving.

The teams of light recognise this struggle and have stepped forward to offer us an incredible opportunity. The following is a message David recently received from Lord Maitreya:

Time is not linear my child, as much as it may seem that way from your current perspective. And right now, the waves of the past, as well as the promise of a new future, are all crashing together within the confides of the current energies.

And this we see is an overwhelming experience on the physically incarnated. At this now moment, you are being bombarded with information from more sources than you can comprehend.

First let us say, you are performing tremendously under such pressure, but we see that you are capable of so much more, if not for the bottleneck within your physical nervous system.

And this is why I come to you today, for I, and some of my brothers and sisters, have petitioned on your behalf to the great councils and I am overjoyed to share that we are here to offer a Karmic Dispensation to all the Lightworkers of Earth. One that will instigate a massive release of your past selves, and open you to a vacuum of light. This will pave the way for the installation of a new infrastructure that will make for easier and deeper integration of the energies that lie ahead.

This opportunity I present to you, should you accept it, will allow for a great expansion both within and without that will ultimately lead to a higher vibrational you.

Yours in ever loving service
Lord Maitreya

This incredible gift offers us the opportunity for a huge leap forward in both our ascension, and our physical wellbeing.

Watch our video below discussing this event in more detail:

In this workshop, we will:

  • Hear from David and Tim, the importance of the nervous systems within the ascension process and tips on tricks to help you manage it
  • Receive a massive clearing of lower vibrational energies from your Nervous System
  • Integrate powerful ascension light to raise the vibration of your Nervous System
  • Receive an upgrade to your Nervous System that will allow for easier and deeper integration of energies as you move forward on your path

In March 2023 David Essery and I ran a workshop called Calming the Ascension Nervous System to assist those who were struggling with their Nervous Systems. This event is a sequel to that workshop, but it is not necessary to have participated in that event, to do this one.

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