Working with Crystals and Crystal Skulls – Zoom Online Workshop with Tim Whild

Workshop Recording

About this recording

One of the enduring questions for those on the ascension pathway is ‘how do I work with my crystal and connect to them effectively?’

During this recording Tim will thoroughly examine and explain the relationship that we have with crystals, why they are here and why we are so drawn to them.

Crystals and crystal technology were a foundation of Atlantean life and during the Golden Era we had access to knowledge from the highest realms. This wisdom was accessed through crystals and was also stored within high-frequency archives that we have now been tuning into since the Cosmic Moment.

Tim will simplify the relationship that we have with crystals and also make sense of our attraction (or aversion!) to the numerous crystal skulls that we are now sharing our pathway with. 

This recording will be perfect for anyone from the most advanced Lightworker to the complete beginner! 

During this workshop recording you will – 

  • Learn why crystals have joined us on our ascension pathway and why we are so drawn to them
  • Connect fully and deeply to your own crystals using simple but effective techniques to harmonise them
  • Discover how the lost secrets of Atlantis were placed safely away for us to access at this time
  • Crystal Skulls! Why has the shape of the skull been used for millennia to represent advanced spirituality?
  • Learn how to consciously access archives of spiritual knowledge using your own crystals.

Please bring your own crystal to this event…any crystal will do!

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