Your Soul Family – Zoom Online Workshop with Tim Whild

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Many of you reading this will be undergoing deep and sometimes painful shifts within your family and friendship dynamics. Once you are on your ascension pathway you will continuously ‘climb’ the vibrational ladder which contains many rungs. Each rung is a different phase of learning which will attract new people to you depending on your soul agreements, your karma, your view of yourself (your programming) and what you need to accomplish your mission.

During the past ten years a unique situation has occurred that has seen old friendships, partnerships, jobs, family set-ups, and other units disintegrate after the Cosmic Moment (21st December 2012).

Once we moved from the third dimension into the fourth, the energy around the previous units altered drastically and came under immediate pressure.

This recording is dedicated to those of you on the Path of Light that may be experiencing these changes or know someone who is. Everything that is happening is a natural process although it may feel traumatic or lonely.

Tim will be explaining in detail why this happens, when, who it affects, and what the highest outcome is at the end of the transition.

Be ready to meet your Soul Family and receive the support that you deserve for your ascension!

During this recording you will –

  • Learn what happens to the people around you when you raise your vibration.
  • What is Soul Isolation and why/when does it occur?
  • Who, what and where are your Soul Family and when will you meet them?
  • Clear and balance your current pre-life agreements to allow the new to enter your life.
  • Receive a blessing from Archangel Chamuel to allow love to flow into your life.

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