Every day is a school day, as they say.

The last week or so has been a real eye opener for me, in more ways than one. The majority of spiritually minded people that I know are in that ‘waiting’ phase.

Waiting and waiting and waiting, (yawn),for things in their life to transform as magically as the energies around us are.

I have my mission.

I know precisely what I have to do, when I have to do it, who I was and am now.

And best of all, I know that I have the unlimited blessings, resources, and backup from the Spiritual Hierarchy in order to complete what I have incarnated here to do.


Now when’s it going to start because, like everyone else, I feel like nothing’s moving and quite frankly, I am getting bloody bored.

Not that bored though, because for the last two weeks our beautiful two year old, Louis, has been consistently poorly, and instead of getting better as he pretended to initially, he finally threw a proper chest infection complete with serious breathing difficulties.

So I took action. I spoke to my friend Diana Cooper yesterday, who gave me her take on the situation. This morning I messaged Sally Phillips, who kindly offered me her discourse and healing. And also my friend Polaris AB, who identified the problem in his lungs instantly. Thank you all. Everyone needs help sometimes.

The point of my story is coming, don’t worry…

My wife and I are clearly spiritually minded people. Very clued up about the occurances and intricacies of Earth life, and very good at mastering them too. I consider myself a powerful, but humble individual, who is extremely capable of bringing this planet forward leaps and bounds with the information I have to bring through.

Make my child ill though, and I am next to useless. Tired, stressed and very unhappy.

What I had missed was the power and affect that my personal worry and my wife’s worry, had had on Louis’s health and well being.

The chest problems were and are being created by the maternal and paternal patterns of worry that we have created since his birth. Once I tuned into this situation, I could clearly see two black cords from our Heart Chakras into his. Black cords? Me? How very dare you!!! But there they were and now they have been cut, Violet Flamed, and Louis sent powerful healing from this realm and the Higher Dimensions.
Now we just wait for him to mend and try not to repeat the pattern.

This is easier said than done, and it again proves just how powerful our thought processes are,and just how vital it is to hone what we think and feel to work from our Hearts and not our heads.
Being a fifth dimensional parent will be just as challenging as being a third dimensional one. Maybe more, as the new ones have such an important job to do. And they are so incredibly sensitive.

Love and blessings

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