There is a huge push from our friends in the Higher Realms at present, to share loving, impartial advice and information with those prepared to listen, on subjects of relevance. These pockets of information, translated from light codes into easily translated information,always arrive at a time when people need to hear them most.

I wish to share brief discourse on the subject of money, as it is very much ‘on the planetary plate’ at present.

As our frequency continues to surge upwards, faster now than ever before, everybody is being affected. It is no longer isolated to pools of individuals who have chosen a Higher Calling, we are all in the same boat.

The third dimensional structure around money is disintegrating rapidly. As the Master, St Germain ( of The Violet Ray of Purification) said the other day, it is quite simply running out. He also said that we created the perception of money, and it is down to us to drop it,and pull the energy forward into a fifth dimensional reality. Not one person reading this will be free of financial commitments, myself included, and the entire energy behind this message is..DON’T WORRY.

As we move forward, fearlessly, the Higher Realms will be establishing in co-creation with us all, the structures that wait for us all.

There will always be an exchange of energy between, say, two people when someone needs something and the other person has something to offer. We will never be without, but at this precise moment in time, our survival mechanisms or ego, would have us believe that we are all going to be left with nothing.
We won’t. There is a future awaiting that will eclipse the reality that we all currently know, but in the meantime, we must only focus on creating abundance, not lack.

To add your focus to fear, even briefly, is to add energy to an energetical setup that once upon a time, had a lot of power – Poverty consciousness.

At all times, remain vigilant, under any circumstances. Replace fear with the potent love energies that are coursing through this planet, and ground them into the Earth. Each and every person who does this will create a chain reaction, and despite how insignificant your actions may seem, we are now all in the seats of Master Creators. Make sure that you are creating the reality that you want, and ignore anything or anyone that would have you believe otherwise.

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