Very interesting set of energies running with the Autumn Equinox yesterday. Incredibly potent and very effective in their ability to do exactly what they say on the tin, balance the polarities between light and dark. It was also a perfect opportunity for us to say thankyou to Gaia for all she has provided.

In order to make the last step in the basic process of ascension, the acknowledgement of this polarity must be taken seriously.It exists within every single one of us who chose to incarnate on Earth and participate in any facet of life here, past present or future.

The ego has been in charge of running the show in regards to this polarity, and I have noticed some incredible shifts in consciousness in different Souls recently, which just goes to show that all is going to plan.

Just for an example, my wife went out on a well earned girls night last night. She virtually never gets out, or has a drink, simply because firstly we are too busy with kids and life in general, and secondly because as a LightWorker, she doesn’t particularly like the affects of alcohol on the physical body.

As we all know, sometimes this has to go out of the window.

I picked her up at midnight and she had had a lovely night, way too much red wine, and proceeded to worry all the way home that she had ‘preached’ all night and upset her companions.

The conversations had started off as normal, and instead of sitting there and adding to a third dimensional conversation about third dimensional life aspects, she had turned this round and shown the situations from a higher perspective.

Eventually she wound up telling the other girls about Earth and it’s ascension process, and what is happening to us all on a cellular level.

And they listened and understood, mostly from a knowledge that was already existing, but not expanded.

Bravo. This is the step from pupil to teacher.

Done in the correct manner, and from a point of ‘personal belief’ the truth can be conveyed to anybody.

It can be an extremely difficult thing to do, stand up and speak your truth, but it is now our role and responsibility to do so, even if the audience don’t seem receptive on the surface. This is how the Light spreads, the cellular chime that is activated with the resonance of truthful words, coming from a Heart Source as apposed to the soap box approach.

We are all in this situation now, and the opportunities to stand up and shine will be presented more and more often, as souls that haven’t woken up yet are given the situations required for them to do so.

Shine your Light. At all times, and in any place or circumstances. It is only the old ego system that says that it is not appropriate to do so.

Love and blessings

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