Happy Full Moon everyone, I hope you enjoyed the bright display of Cancerian power last night (continuing into today). It was a truly beautiful to behold from the South of England and the energy felt kind, balanced and peaceful.

Some of you will have dived very deeply into this (intentionally or otherwise) as it is the start of the potent Eclipse season. You may have heard me say before…every moon is a Supermoon as the heavens don’t do things by halves anymore. The doors are now open, and the light is flooding in.

Today is the 11th and we now have an incredible astrological alignment that is designed to really shake things up in 3D land. It’s a Stellium of planetary big-hitters consisting of Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Ceres and Capricorn at 22 degrees.

This particular window is designed to completely resolve the final ‘dregs’ of the old control network on this beautiful world.

In many ways I think we will feel this energy intensely but its not being created for us as Lightworkers. The ‘target audience’ are the masses of souls who are still trapped within the Matrix which was constructed within the third dimension, following the fall of Atlantis ten thousand years ago.

If you want to find out more about this there are many well written astrological articles on Google and they all point to the same results.

There are many souls who (quite understandably) are feeling trepidation about this coming year, particularly this powerful start. My communications with Archangel Metatron have indicated to drop all fear and focus on lightness, simplicity and fun. Back to basics.

There is always levity in the Higher Realms and when I asked him to explain a bit about this alignment he said – “do you remember watching Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures?” You can call this astrological alignment ‘Wyld Stelliums’ after their band (Wyld Stallyns) in the movies.

His message was to keep it fun, light, don’t take anything to personally and keep it like Bill and Ted….

This aside there is plenty of work to be done on the Collective level that this alignment is working on. As the energies intensify, so does the ‘pressure cooker’ effect on the aspects of the planetary Matrix that need to be alchemised. We all know what they are as we can see them everywhere that we look, from the threat of war in the Middle East, fires in Australia and pharmaceutical corruption in governments to name just a few. All that is rigid shall be shaken…As Above So Below.
Our job is to hold the light, usher in the New Golden Age and to use our hearts, voices and power to act for those that cannot yet act or speak for themselves.

2020 is the year where we see the fruits of our labours beginning to show. Today is the day the era of the Naval Chakra begins, and the blueprint of the Atlantean Global Community sends its energetic beacon worldwide.

With love, Tim Whild.

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