IMG_0248.JPGGoing with the flow. Sounds like a bit of a cliché in the present energies doesn’t it? The actual resonance of the words are now more important than ever.As time collapses yet further we find that our attention is either drawn to two spaces, ‘surviving’ the energy of change or taking positive constructive action.

Since the Blood Moon on the 28th September awesome energies have flooded the planet bringing opportunities to step into new gateways and vibrations. The dissolving of the ego is relentless as the fifth dimensional energies reveal all that is hidden and needs attention.

Sometimes it is good to stand back and take stock of ones achievements.

You will find there are many.

This perspective allows grace to enter any current scenario and fill it with positivity.

Our positivity is needed now more than ever. The societal constructions that have established themselves in the third dimension are being forced to change. On the outside this may appear to be chaos but the higher motives are clean, clear and very obvious.

As Masters we must take responsibility for ourselves and the planet we live on. We have not acknowledged this responsibility as a whole since the golden years of Atlantis and have allowed others to guide and lead us down pathways of diminished power. These days are now over…all that remains is for us to stand up and use what we have learned to bring light to where it is needed.

Every awakened and unawakened soul here has a specific task and role. All of these roles are of equal importance and merge harmoniously with the skills and knowledge of our soul families. Our job is to now start recognising this and unifying our energies to complete the job in hand.

We are here to ascend and to keep step with Earth as she rises in vibration. Our planet sets the pace, as she rises so do we.

One of the fastest ways to achieve this is to step back from any distractions or challenges and move the energies into the heart centre. Here there is flow.

The fifth dimensional heart does not recognise stress or division, it only flows with love.

Love is the key to every little thing, or big thing, that is occurring right now. And it is the most powerful force in the Universe.

So go with the flow of your heart. Approach the next phase, change or incident with your heart in charge and see where the energy takes you. The vibrations that we have at our fingertips respond instantly to our thought processes, so fill your thoughts words and deeds with love. And be the change that you wish to see in your world.

Tim/Thoth 29/11/15

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