IMG_0151-0.jpgToday is my 43rd year in this current incarnation cycle, and its a day to express some deep gratitude.Not only is my birthday falling on a new moon, but that new moon falls just as I am writing this. Set-ups like this only occur in ones chart when deep physical/energetic shifts are about to occur…and this I embrace as with every aspect of my path.

This discourse is for pure gratitude.
Gratitude for the opportunity to be present on this planet to usher in a shift that is making Galactic history…but also to give my humble thanks to all of those that I share my path with.
I cannot hope to answer every individual message that was left on my Facebook wall today, so please every single beautiful one of you, accept my love in return.

The best part of the job that I do is to see souls blossom. To move from the shells of limitation, to accepting their vast Master-Selves that we are all intended to be.
What a privilege.

Even better still is the fact that this planet is only just re-forming into the shape we are manifesting.
Over the next weeks,months,years..we are going to witness the return of an energy structure that we are all very familiar with….before we rapidly transcend to further heights.

Every single one of you reading this is a vital and luminous key to this puzzle, no matter what you have been through and no matter what your ego may still be telling you.
YOU are Masters…and Masters of one of the toughest learning Planes in the Multi-Verse.
Embrace yourselves…the fun is just starting.

As Within, So Without
As Above, So Below

Love, gratitude and Atlantean blessings

Tim/Thoth 14/8/15

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